The Pacific Theological College is adding two new schools in the transition to University. The School of Ecology and Resilience Development (SERD) and the School of Pasifika Philosophies Education and Sciences (SPPES) will add to the current School of Theology and Ecumenism (SOTE). PTC Principal, Reverend Professor Dr Upolu Vaai, in his presentation at the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma annual conference, said SERD would focus on development issues of the time. SPPES’s focus would be communities-based philosophies and values that adhere to Pacific Islanders.
“The focus of the university is the communities-based learning approach -it recognizes our role as communities, our cultures as Pacific peoples, our spirituality, our values, our ancestors, our relationships to the land and people,” said Rev. Professor Vaai. It also recognizes the whole-of-life approach.
Rev. Professor added the University doesn’t just focus on theological education but on how it contributes to the change and transformation of societies.
Another focus is the inclusion of lay people, particularly women, in the University’s educational programmes.
PTC is introducing new programmes for the training of laypeople.
Acting Dean of Studies, Eci Naisele, presented more than 20 new programmes – from Certificate to PhD.