Etina Havea Kindergarten

The Etina Havea Kindergarten is among the best in Suva, Fiji.

Its wide open space allows children the freedom to learn, play and interact with children from different ethnic backgrounds without running the risk of injury forced by congestion.

Fifty children can engage comfortably in the Kindergarten and 10 in the nursery.

The loving team of three teachers, Tokasa, Seru and Josephine.

The diversity of the student population with Samoans, Fijians, Tongans, Solomon Islanders, Ni Vanuatu’s encourages a child’s tolerance for differences.

The learning is not purely academic as the children are nurtured with moral values grounded in biblical principles.

The Centre fees are also more affordable than other private run children’s facilities in Suva.

Etina Havea Kindergarten

ethina haveaThe Centre was established to:

  • Provide care for babies, toddlers and pre-school children.
  • Involve itself in the training and nurturing of children from PTC and the wider community, as part of PTC’s mission.
  • Be an observation and demonstration centre for Christian Education and Early Childhood EHCBuilding 2development.

The Centre is extremely well-equipped. It can accommodate 50 children in the kindergarten, and 10 in the nursery.

Operating Hours: 8am–4pm

The Centre is open 15 minutes earlier in the morning for those who need to leave their children earlier than the starting time.

What Children Need

Healthy food/drinks for snacks. A change of clothes in case of accidents.

PTAetina havea 4

Parents are encouraged to become part of the Parent- Teacher Association. Meetings are usually at 5.30 pm, to allow working parents to attend. You will be informed of the meeting dates.


Full details are available in this extract from the PTC Handbook (2022).


For Further Information
Contact: Etina Havea Kindergarten

PMB, Suva.
Phone: 331 1100 Extension no: 159
Fax: 330 1728