Investment and Future Sustainability

Pacific island countries and territories share a common development challenge; that of donor dependency. This stark reality has serious implications for financial sustainability of the college. PTC will over the span of the Strategic plan focus its attention on strengthening existing partnerships and networks, while actively growing and nurturing new relationships within the church community, regionally and internationally. It will be important over this time to secure a renewed commitment to financial investment by the PTC member churches as well as to increase development and institutional partner investment across the college. The transition from college status to University will be a costly one that will require a substantial increase in capital investment.

The ability of PTC to secure this investment will be dependent on its ability to effectively rebrand the college as relevant and responsive to developmental challenges in the region. It will also require a strong commitment to sustainability and the promotion of a more just world. This new brand will promote the unique contribution that PTC brings to the development table as a higher education institution that provides a rounded learning experience extending beyond technical skills. This values based education and leadership for justice model touches the heart of transformational change – a new worldview for a new development paradigm and Pacific story. Investors will be drawn to PTCs critical development role that speaks to the spiritual base and foundation of social cohesion, the keys to sustainability and sustainable development.