Certificate in Theological Studies

The Certificate is for those who want a basic appreciation and understanding of Biblical Studies, Theology, Church History and Ministry. It is available by correspondence, either in your own home or on campus.

Details on the Certificate and Diploma are available in the Cert/Dip Brochure.
If you would like to apply for either of these programmes download the Cert/Dip Application Form.

Visit the PTCEE website for more information: http://ptcee.ptc.ac.fj

The Undergraduate Certificates and Professional Development programme at PTC began in 2012, building on years of experience in delivering intensive workshops on various aspects of community work that for members of churches and NGOs in the region. The aim is to use the expertise of both PTC and outside staff to help facilitate capacity building. Our unique contribution in this field is the integration of faith-based foundations with theoretical and practical training. The current phase of this project is designed to deliver training in the following four areas:

  • Peacebuilding;
  • Social Analysis;
  • Leadership and Management; and
  • Pastoral Counselling.

The face-to-face element of all courses is delivered in the form of intensive workshops of five days’ duration, usually held at the Jovili Meo Mission Centre on the campus of PTC.

Professional Development
Interested church members and NGO personnel, regardless of their academic status, are welcome to apply to attend the workshops facilitated by this programme. A Certificate of Attendance will be issued at the end of each workshop. No credit towards an academic award will be given for such attendance, but many participants have found attending workshops a tremendous help in enhancing their work.

Undergraduate Certificate
The Undergraduate Certificate is an award at the academic skill level of Bachelor degree studies. Therefore the academic admission criteria are normally the same as those for the BD programme. The award is available in all four of the subject areas indicated above, and in each case involves four courses involving 100 learning hours each. Of these, 40 hours are covered by classes in the five-day workshop; the rest is made up of further specified reading and assignments.

Full details of this programme are available in the PTC Handbook.

Visit the IMR Website for more details: https://imr.ptc.ac.fj