Department of History of Christianity

The department of History of Christianity, which was earlier known as Church History, is one of the oldest departments of the Pacific Theological College. The department lays a distinctive emphasis on decolonial approaches to the historiography of Christianities in general, and the narratives of the histories of Christianities in the Pacific in particular. It offers various core and innovative elective courses at bachelors and masters level introducing students the problems and politics of historiography with the focus to encourage them to revisit the histories of Christianities of their own islands from a distinctively postcolonial lens. The department also offers intensive supervision of researches at the Bachelors, Masters and PhD levels motivating students to undertake trans- and inter-disciplinary researches. Through its departmental seminars, occasional webinars/conferences, and talanoa sessions, the department provides the researchers the opportunity to engage in conversation with innovative researches in the field of history not only from the region but also across the globe.

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