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As PTC continues its journey to university status, the need was identified for a centre which provides partnership services to fund and facilitate the collaboration between the University and the communities, including churches, and create programmes to strengthen women leadership development, gender and social justice.

In response to this, at the Special Council Meeting in November 2023, the PTC Council re-affirmed its commitment to the theological education of women, as it agreed to transform the current Women’s Fellowship Development Programme into the Centre for Gender and Social Justice, and existing certificate courses into a Certificate in Community Ministries.

Certificate IV in Community Ministries

The aim of the Certificate IV in Community Ministries is to resource women and men to be well equipped change makers in their home communities; with a skill set to match local needs.  Although not an ordained ministry, community ministry is ministry nonetheless; it encompasses many of the attributes of Jesus’ ministry, in his understanding the needs of people, offering healing and compassion, and challenging the status quo when it was at odds with the ability of people to live life in all its fulness.  Units will be underpinned by the Bible and theology, with issues of Pacific identity woven throughout the course.

Individual units are available as stand-alone and open to the wider community.  For advice and details on cross-crediting with other courses offered at PTC, please speak with the Director, Centre for Gender and Social Justice.  The course does not have any formal pre-requisites and a communications skills course is offered each year for any students who may need extra support.

The College provides a nursery and preschool at the Etina Havea Kindergarten to allow both parents to take up studies.  Classes are usually offered on weekday mornings.

Certificate IV in Community Ministries (CCM) Level 4 Certificate programme

Please note a full programme of units will be developed according to demand and community need.  CGSJ reserves the right to amend, substitute and add units with appropriate notice.

Year 1 (2023): 

Semester         Code                Course Title                                                                              Hours

1                      04A05RF27      Research Skills and Learning Portfolio*                 50

1                      04M05RF21     Introduction to Practical Pastoral Care                  50

1                      04N05EF01      Practical Arts                                                                50

2                      04M05EF22     Further Practical Pastoral Care                              50

2                      04M05RF23     Ministry of the Word in Community                      50

2                      04N05EF25      Growing as a Parent                                                50

Other full and half units may be offered during the year and those on the programme will be advised accordingly.

Requirements for the CCM award: nine (9) CCM units, equivalent to 45 credits, usually taken over two years.  Students taking this award may cross credit one (1) course from PTCEE courses to be agreed on an individual basis.  A PTCEE Course is normally worth three (3) CCM units.

Year 2 (2024): 

Semester         Code                Course Title                                                                                                 Hours

1                      04A05RF27      Research Skills and Learning Portfolio*                              50

1                      04M05RF26     Leadership for Justice in Scripture and Beyond               50

1                      04M05EF24     Gender and Theology                                                              50

2                      04M05EF27     Understanding Communities                                                50

2                      04M05RF26     Leadership for Justice in Community                                          50

2                      04N05EF29      Nutrition for Health                                                                   50

*Research Skills and Learning Portfolio is offered in semester 1 each year and must be taken at the earliest opportunity.

Full details of this programme, including course fees, are available in the PTC Handbook or through contacting the Centre’s Director.

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