Graduate Attributes

Academically Curious

Graduates are equipped as leaders with distinct yet extensive critical knowledge of theological themes and research topics, in light of intellectual curiosity and integrity, informed by Pacific diverse ways of being and knowing.

Theologically mature and creative

Graduates become self-confident leaders with mature independent and creative theological thinking and are open to cross-cultural and interdisciplinary learning and engagement. 

Ecumenically engaged

Graduates demonstrate as leaders an openness to a new household ecumenical vision of the Pacific churches and are able to engage and develop community-based holistic ecumenical strategies with a competency to respect and embrace other faith traditions.

Contextually informed

Graduates display the capacity as leaders to contextualize and rethink the faith and traditions of the church as well as developments in the ever-changing local, regional and global contexts.

Justice Driven

Graduates reveal the capacity as leaders to engage critically, theologically and practically to advocate for mission of justice to liberate and transform church and society.

pacific oriented

Graduates demonstrate the ability as leaders to commit exploring and nurturing Pacific relational life-affirming philosophies and values in their academic research areas as well as in their ministries with a commitment to serving and transforming Pacific communities.