New Appointment – Dr Bendanglemla Longkumer

The Pacific Theological College (PTC) is delighted to announce the induction into the role of Senior Lecturer in Theology and Ethics Dr Bendanglemla Longkumer on Friday 16th September 2022

Dr. Bendanglemla Longkumer holds a Doctorate of Theology (D.Th) in Theology from South Asia Theological Research Institute (SATHRI), Senate of Serampore College (University).

Her research was on “Universality and Uniqueness of Jesus Christ in Select Ecumenical Discussions since 1989 to Suggest a Christological Base for Tribal Christians in Northeast India.”

Dr Longkumer has written and edited two books and numerous articles which were published in academic journals and books that are published internationally and nationally in India. Her book which was the outcome of part of her doctoral research and postdoctoral fellows program entitled “Christ the Healer: An Indigenous People’s Spirituality” (Christian World Imprints, 2018) was awarded the J. G Frank Collinson Award for Theological Books 2019.

Besides teaching full time in theological institutions, she has also been an external examiner for research scholars at Sam Higginbottam University for Agriculture and Theological Studies (SHUATS), Allahabad. She is a member of Research Enquiry (REC) and supervising a Ph.D. candidate at Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU), Shillong.  Dr Longkumer has participated and presented papers in different ecumenical programs and has also been a Research Fellows on a postdoctoral program at the Centre for South Asia Research (CSAR) at South Asia Institute of Advance Christian Studies (SAIACS), Bangalore in 2017. DR Longkumer participated and Presented a Research paper for the Institute for Advanced Study in Asian Cultures and Theologies (IASACT), Hongkong, United Board. 2013 and participated in the Building Interfaith Community, Bossey Institute, Geneva. 2010.

Her theological formation has been in ecumenical institutions and her teaching/ministerial context has also been interdenominational which has made her adaptable to new situations and contexts with ease. Her theological journey has inculcated in her the need to address current theological questions which are contextually relevant and thought provoking. This is what she is vying to contribute during her stay here at PTC. The context where she is from is more or less similar to PTC, which is devoted to contextualizing, developing theology that is indigenous by addressing the pressing questions and challenges arising from the context, to which she is hoping to bring new vitality of ecumenical thinking to the PTC family. This is one of the reasons that attracted Bendanglemla to PTC and is grateful to embark with the team as it is on its transition to university status. She trusts that PTC has so much to offer to the region in terms of conscientizing, leading, developing and organizing as it journeys on with great personalities fulfilling greater heights and newer avenues. She is looking forward to being part of this team heading toward fulfilling PTC’s dream of being established as a university and lead its region toward great things in the days to come.

The Pacific Theological College community is looking forward to enjoying time working, studying and learning with her.

If you’re interested in studying Theology and Ethics with Dr Longkumer and our other Faculty members, then why not have a look at the courses on offer at PTC.