At the Etina Havea Centre, children are encouraged to learn more than just reading, numbers and counting.

Their flair for the arts is developed and knowledge about moral values, nurtured.

That was the clear reminder for parents at the graduation of preschoolers from the Centre on November 7, 2019.

‘What is distinctive about your child? Find it. Keep it!’ said Reverend Professor Dr. Upolu Va’ai, who was chief guest at the ceremony.

‘Don’t allow an education system that is bland to destroy it,’ he challenged parents.

‘Allow their creativity to burst forth. Let them make mistakes. Guide them. Lead them to good pathways.’

‘Give them a values education. How to do the right thing. How to be kind. How to care, to love, to be strong.’

‘This is more valuable than an academic qualification. Without it, their academic qualification is just a piece of paper,’ Rev. Professor Dr. Va’ai strongly added.

The Centre was established by PTC to provide care for babies, toddlers and pre-school children.

It trains and nurtures children from the College and the wider Fiji community. 

It serves as an observation and demonstration centre for Christian education and early childhood learning.