The Pacific Theological College apologised to the people of Suvavou in a moving ceremony on March 16.

The apology is for the use of their land, acknowledging them as the traditional owners of the land on which the Pacific Theological College stands. 

PTC Principal Rev. Professor Dr. Upolu Va’ai presenting a fine Samoan mat to the Tuisawau Suva.

College Principal Reverend Professor Dr. Upolu Vaai said it is unfortunate the traditional owners of the land had to be moved to a settlement called Suvavou.

This he said is not mainstreamed in textbooks narrating the history of PTC.

‘It is important to acknowledge the people of Suvavou as landowners who were deprived of the use of their land when it was leased out back in the colonial days,’ said Rev. Professor Dr. Va’ai

The apology ceremony was presented in the traditional Itaukei Fijian manner to the Tui Suva Sanaila Mudunavosa who accepted the apology on behalf of his people. 

PTC Chaplain Reverend Ledua Colati presenting a kamunaga (whales tooth) of apology to the Tui Suva.

The Tui Suva was also presented a fine Samoan mat called ‘pulou ole ola’ meaning ‘shelter of life’ representing how PTC for 55 years took shelter and found life under the mana of the Vanua of Suva. 

The acceptance of the apology from the Tuisawau Suva.

The apology was an act of restorative healing. 

The apology ceremony was performed during the launch of the 55th Anniversary celebrations of PTC held on March 16 at the Jovili Meo Mission Centre in Suva.