Suitcases of clothes, food and household materials were gifted to families of Wailea and Muanivatu settlements in Suva, Fiji.

The donation, from members of the Pacific Theological College community was collected over a week in October 2019.

Receiving the donation were lay preachers of the Methodist Church of Fiji that serve the two communities and who will later distribute the donated items. 

The informal settlements of Wailea and Muanivatu are among the poorest in Fiji, with many living well below the poverty line. 

PTC Principal Rev. Professor Dr. Upolu Va’ai said poverty is an injustice that theological education at PTC will address.

‘Love is part of the Christian faith; it is self-denial and sacrifice,’ said Rev. Professor Dr. Va’ai.

The donation drive was spearheaded by the PTC Student Body.

It’s President Reverend Isoa Vatanitawake said the donations will be given to all residents of Wailea and Muanivatu irrespective of their religion or creed.

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