Gift Exchange Between PTC and KUC

The Principal of the Pacific Theological College was hosted and welcomed with a feast, entertainment, and speeches, by the Tangintebu Theological College community during his visit to Kiribati. The PTC Principal, Professor Vaai, did a presentation on the ‘whole of life’ vision and presented newly published books by the PTC Press as gifts for their library. Adding to the occasion, the alumni of the Kiribati Uniting Church who are staff of Tangintebu, in return, have contributed about AUS$10,000 (about FJD15,000) towards the Pasifika Communities University transition. The PTC Principal thanked the former students of PTC and also expressed future support for the Tagintebu library, staffing, and research and teaching collaboration. “PTC will support Tangintebu in its future academic journey,” said Vaai. During the visit, the Principal of Tagintebu Theological College Rev. Dr Tioti Timon expressed appreciation for the visit of the Principal, the first of its kind in recent years, and also expressed the support of alumni towards the transition of PTC. All members of the teaching faculty of Tangintebu Theological College are former students of PTC.