PTC Empowering Lives and Building Community – Farewell to Pioneers

“PTC transformed my life,” said Lorima Malo as he said goodbye to the PTC community. Malo said when he was offered a job at PTC more than 6 years ago it was like heaven on earth. “At PTC I learned to do a sevusevu,” he added highlighting the many ways PTC has helped him grow and all the fond memories shared with students and the community from across the Pacific Islands. Vice Principal Professor Derrick Armstrong recounted memories shared over the years with Malo and the three other staff farewelled with him. Also leaving PTC are Areena Lal the team leader of finance who has spent 10 years at PTC, Verenaisi Veresi the finance manager, and Jasveer Singh the Properties Manager. Principal Rev. Professor Upolu Vaai expressed his gratefulness to the four staff who have contributed much to the PTC vaka journeying the years of changes and challenges. He said he admired the deep-seated principles and values they have that guided and inspired them to contribute in many ways, particularly during COVID-19.