Young Academics Programme

In 2020, the Institute for Mission and Research of PTC started the Young Academics Programme. The 17 months programme worked with 24 young persons from six provinces and 14 villages in Fiji to critically look at development. The social analysis and leadership and management training they received equipped them with skills to examine the issues in their own communities and identify solutions. They addressed various issues related to food security, health and the environment. Twenty-three-year-old Sereana Motofaga of Nakawakawa village in Bua worked with Maniyava village in Ra to address waste management issues. Along with her Young Academic teammate Lewanitokalau Matelita, they set up proper waste bins and dumping sites. To do this, they were supported by the village youths. As it transitions to University, PTC is also changing its model of education to one that is communities based, addressing issues that affect people’s daily lives.