World Day of Prayer

Women of the Pacific Theological College community marked World Day of Prayer and stood in solidarity with women of Vanuatu.

Women dressed in Vanuatu dresses, carrying the country flag and sang songs in Bislama.

They also performed dramas at the Islander Missionaries Memorial Chapel on March 4.

They prayed for the women and people of Vanuatu.

Prayers for strength to overcome pain and suffering of challenging times the country endures.

Catherine Sosori from Vanuatu is the deputy head of PTC’s Women’s Fellowship.











The 2021 World Day of Prayer focus is the nation of Vanuatu.

Vanuatu is a South Pacific Island nation located within the sub-regional bloc of Melanesia.

It has a long history of volcanos, earthquakes and intense tropical cyclones. These displace many families and force them into homelessness.

Several PTC families are from Vanuatu.









Praying together for Vanuatu shows the College’s efforts in building community solidarity.

PTC student for the Doctoral Programme Reverend Geraldine Wiliame is from Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma, shared the programme’s message.

Rev. Wiliame said the PTC community should root itself in Jesus Christ to build a strong community.







Reverend Geraldine Williame










A Christ that is not only found in the Christians side but also found in the eyes of those who are not deemed believers like Muslims and Hindu’s,’ said Rev. Wiliame.

‘To build and make PTC the strongest community in the Pacific and Fiji, we as community members must make sure that love, respect, solidarity and equality is seen in our community,’ she said.

‘May God bless us, help us and give us strength so that we can become the voice to the voiceless.

‘We can be able to fight for injustice and fight for our people,’ she said.