Fashion Design

High school mathematics and calculations came to good use at a fashion and design class for women of the Pacific Theological College.

PTC’s Women’s Programme organised the training.

Women’s programme acting director Sulu Hughes-Casimira said renowned Fijian fashion designer Rosie Emberson Semisi taught the class.

A participant, Evelyn Tamanikaigavo said the training helped her cut finer patterns, using a measuring tape and maths.

‘Before we cut off traced patterns and after the training, I can now cut a pattern using measurements alone,’ said Mrs Tamanikaigavo.

Mrs Tamanikaigavo is the wife of Reverend Marika Bale who is completing his second year of the Masters of Theology in Church History programme.

‘What a confidence boost to be able to cut patterns for sewing using measurements,’ she said.








Most of the participants had before undergone basic sewing skills training provided by the Women’s Programme.

‘The fashion and design session helped refine our skills further,’ said Mrs Tamanikaigavo.

She added feeling joyful about developing a new set of skills that will help her husband in ministry.

‘When I finished form seven, I became a Minister’s wife and dedicated my life to raising the children and supporting his calling,’ she said.

‘It was my calling too and in developing myself with these sets of skills I can do so much more to help him,’ she added.

‘Sometime I thought I could be nothing more than a housewife.

‘But I know there is so much more I can do for example with sewing I can develop earn an income that will help the community we serve for the Lord.’

‘I never dreamt I would love sewing because I had no interest in it at all in school,’ she said.

‘The training has grown my interest and I must thank PTC for the way it is helping women in its community gain skills that will help us serve in ministry.’