‘Emulate the life and way of Christ’ were words of wisdom for students of the Pacific Theological College to start off the new academic year.

Every year a Welcome Service held at the College Chapel enables all members of the PTC Community to worship together and meet and greet.

Sharing the evening’s sermon, Reverend Ili Vunisuwai, the General Secretary of the Methodist Church of Fiji encouraged students to ‘live the way of Christ.’

General Secretary of the Methodist Church of Fiji Reverend Ili Vunisuwai

He said the life and way of Christ needs to be demonstrated beyond the pulpits through actions and behaviors. 

‘I encourage you to preach the word and consistently preach it even when it is not well received,’ preached Rev. Vunisuwai.

Families present were asked to introduce themselves. PTC families’ of 2020 hails from various Pacific Island countries, Europe, the Americas and the Asian continent.

This was followed by a shared meal and another school year began.