Brightly colored dresses and headscarves brightened up the atmosphere at the Pacific Theological College Chapel where Women’s Fellowship marked World Day of Prayer (WDP). 

The women also performed a drama to portray the message that we need to ‘act on God’s word to bring about peace and social transformation’.

World Day of Prayer is a global ecumenical movement led by Christian women.

The host country for this year’s WDP is Zimbabwe who are the inspiration behind the theme ‘Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk.’

The women of Zimbabwe are using prayer to ‘rise and act’ in bringing about peace during a time of political transition, problems in the economy, violence and fallout from natural disasters.

With prayer, they hope to help people heal.

Women’s Fellowship President Panorama Setu said the importance of prayerful women in Ministry cannot be understated. 

‘For many of us, it’s the most powerful way we support the work of sharing the gospel and attending to the needs of the communities we work in,’ she said.

‘Prayer is an act of faith. It’s the way we rise no matter the challenges or disabilities. Prayer after all moves mountains.’

‘It is our most powerful weapon; the word of God and prayer and as women we become powerful overcomers, mover and shakers through prayer.’