Oceania Laca

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The choice for Oceania Laca as a title for the college newsletter represents PTC’s deep connectedness to peoples, values and cultures of the Oceanic communities we serve. We decided to use the Fijian word laca, meaning ‘sail’, to acknowledge the hospitality of the people of the Vanua for kindly allowing the only ecumenical regional institution to be situated on their land. But we also acknowledge the fact that the concept is Oceanic, found in all cultures of Oceania.

The following highlights how the Oceania Laca is a powerful metaphor:

1. It is cultural: The Oceania Laca is culturally rooted. It is born from the philosophies and values rooted in the cultural contexts and the creative imaginations of the Oceanic communities. Hence the newsletter should be able to embrace not only the multiple cultures of Oceania as a strategic way to communicate with our local communities, but also as a ground-up approach to addressing issues by using the newsletter platform.

2. It is relational: The Oceania Laca is relational and transpatial. Traditionally, the materials that are used to produce mats (pandanus) and build houses (sinnet made from coconut husk-fibres) for land-based activities are the same materials used to produce the laca for the ocean-based activities. This Oceania Laca invites readers to PTC life and ecumenical values of relational interconnectedness as well as the interweaving of different spaces, peoples, cultures, stories and communities.

3. It is contextual: Like the laca in its traditional setting, the Oceania Laca is contextual. It invites the readers to the many adjustments, changes, and shifts that the college has been through according to the challenges of the contexts it encounters whether it is turbulent or calm. The Oceania Laca should be able to reveal and promote one of PTCs purpose, which is contextualization and its ability to respond throughout the years to the unpredictable challenges it finds itself in.

4. It is resilient: Like the traditional laca, the Oceania Laca is resilient. It should be able to invite readers to experience how the PTC is resilient in confronting and withstanding the challenges of the open sea. It must be durable to adjust to certain challenges and to recover from dangerous and life-threatening experiences. Hence the Oceania Laca should be able to inspire individuals and communities to be resilient in the midst of their struggles and issues.

5. It is open: The raising of the laca signals its opening stage. The Oceania Laca represents the beginning of its openness to new journeys, new seas, new discoveries, new heights and new challenges. This newsletter presents and represents both the importance of openness and dynamism that the college has been promoting. It encourages an open, fluid, and dynamic ecumenical culture and dialogue on issues that matter for the churches of the Pacific.

6. It is original: The laca is an original revolutionary creation of the Oceanic communities. Hence the Oceania Laca attempts to capture the Oceanic communities’ originality in arts, cultural knowledge and creativity. It aims to reveal the original revolutionary creation and programs that PTC has. It will continue to offer new insights for the Pacific churches and for the international community in the years to come.

Rev. Dr Upolu Luma Vaai



It was a clear, bright afternoon on November 14, 2019 when twenty-one students graduated from the Pacific Theological College. The 52nd graduation ceremony since the College’s inception in 1965, marked with much pomp and splendour was celebrated at the College Fale attended by families, church leaders, academics of neighbouring universities and diplomats from across the Pacific. ...
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The Pacific Theological College is reviewing its general staff and policies and will consolidate all in a handbook for ease of access and reference.  The College engaged the services of human resources specialist Jope Wainiqolo to align the policies to the Constitution of Fiji and the PTC Strategic Plan 2020-2025 ‘Towards Excellence in Theological Education...
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For forty years she has served the Pacific Theological College, a familiar figure to hundreds of students and their families over the decades. Selai Tuidrokadroka (middle) with PTC Principal Reverend Professor Dr. Upolu Vaai and his wife. Selai Tuidrokadroka first joined PTC in 1978 as the College typist and receptionist. Working hard over the years,...
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Fraught with many challenges, the likes of which are unprecedented, the people of Kiribati are looking to the church to provide guidance and to lead them in journeying unchartered waters. A 2008 study found that 68% of Kiribati women between the ages of 15 and 49 experience violence, one of the highest rates in the...
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It was a bright day in 1961 when Suva was bustling with church ministers and leaders from across the Pacific.  Fifteen years after World War 2, the scene was one of optimism and yet concern. Foremost on many gathered minds of what was dubbed the Dudley Consultations,’ What is the relevance of the church during...
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There are many reasons Pastor Leinamau Seru cried as her name was called out to receive her Masters in Theology and Ethics award and to be recognised as one of top students of her lot. The night before, she received the Jean Bell Prize for Leadership and Example for her work as a student and...
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Flutters of blue flags in the wind, a blue cake and a choir decked in blue marked Fiji Day celebrations on October 10, 2019. Fiji gained independence in 1970 and five years before that, the Pacific Theological College established its foundations at its current location in Nasese, Suva. College Principal Reverend Professor Dr. Upolu Va’ai...
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I Will Go Lord If You Lead Me

On February 20th, the four newest members of the Pacific Theological College faculty committed themselves to serving PTC to the best of their ability, guided by God. Before a full Chapel of friends, family, the College Community and invited guests Ms Asela Tuisawau, Rev. Colati Ledua, Dr. Darell Cosden and Dr. Gladson Jathanna were inducted....
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When Friends Come Calling

The Pacific Theological College hosted visits from both Brot fur die Welt (Bread for the World) and One Mission World of Mission Einewelt both of Germany. Both organisations are key funding partners of PTC. One Mission World’s Reverend Arnim Doerfer and Reverend Thomas Paulsteiner accompanies by their spouses visited PTC early in February where they...
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