For forty years she has served the Pacific Theological College, a familiar figure to hundreds of students and their families over the decades.

Selai Tuidrokadroka (middle) with PTC Principal Reverend Professor Dr. Upolu Vaai and his wife.

Selai Tuidrokadroka first joined PTC in 1978 as the College typist and receptionist. Working hard over the years, she grew into new areas of work and currently serves as the Registrar.

She has also held the position of Acting Principal in 2019. 

In November 2019, the College celebrated Ms. Tuidrokadroka’s many years of service and dedication to PTC.

She observed how blessed she felt in contributing to the nurturing of theology students of PTC, many of who went on to the hold church and political leaderships in the regions.

The likes of these include Presidents of the Methodist Church of Fiji, current president Rev. Dr. Epineri Vakadewavosa, former President Rev. Dr. Tevita Bainivanua, the Rt Revd Dr Winston Halapua Archbishop Emeritus once the Archbishop of the Anglican Diocese of Polynesia. 

‘The best thing about working at PTC is the service to the nurturing of theology students who go on to impact many lives within the region,’ said Ms Tuidrokadroka.

‘This has indeed blessed me and my extended family, serving the Lord in this manner.’