New Pasifika Philosophies Course

Join a two-week intensive CERTIFICATE OF PHILOSOPHICAL COMPETENCY course in Pacific ‘Whole of Life’ Philosophies, Research, and Development. Pacific philosophy, which is slightly different from Western philosophy, centres on the practice/theory of relationships and how this reality informs the vision of life and wellbeing. PTC in partnership with SPREP and SPC offers a deep dive into the mysteries and ambiguities of our Pacific relational philosophies and how these would contribute to the shaping of a new development consciousness and research culture for the Pacific region. This is the first time a short in-depth philosophies course like this is offered. The aim is to offer solid communities-based philosophical underpinnings to our policies and development models grounded in our Pacific traditional knowledge and wisdom. This course is a two-week summer course to be held in Suva, Fiji, from 15-29th July 2023 (See programme in flyer). Participants will learn and experience why Pacific people see the world differently based on their relational structure of knowing and being. They will experience how village communities use these philosophies in their everyday socio-economic and religious encounters and how these (in)form their ecological spiritualities, and why this shapes a different view of development. They will also engage with regional policy organizations and indigenous centres and institutes on the importance of Pacific philosophies to transforming the dominant research culture and changing the development story. Something different and alternative to that which is offered by the ‘more is better’ neoliberal development philosophy of growth. The course will be facilitated by internationally recognized Pacific indigenous Island scholars who have been researching and promoting the intersection between Pacific philosophies and development in their publications and work. APPLY NOW as seats are limited! Registration opens today and closes on 26th May 2023. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to actually be in the Pacific and learn philosophies with the people and communities. For more information on eligibility and the course in general, see For registration, see…/ For any questions and queries, contact Dr Eci Naisele, or See you in Fiji!