Bishop Patterson Theological College (BPTC)

At Bishop Patterson Theological College (BPTC) in Kohimarama (‘a place of light’) outside Honiara city, the students, faculty and College Principal Father James Fakafu gathered on Friday at the Atkin Zaku community hall to receive PTC Principal Reverend Professor Upolu Va’ai who shared the PTC future plans as well as strategies for collaboration. In his welcoming comments, Father Fakafu acknowledged the big influence PTC has in shaping learning at BPTC. All but one of the seven current faculty members of BPTC are graduates of PTC. Like Father David Tiva, the Academic Dean of BPTC, lecturers Father Harry Gereniu, Father Leslie Boroko, Father Charles Fox Anita and Father Fakafu as Principal. Their predecessors number more. The Principal presented new books published by the PTC press for the BPTC library as gifts. Rev. Professor Va’ai said PTC will continue to support BPTC. An area of assistance PTC is considering is the BPTC library. The Prncipal was hosted with lunch and exchange of gifts.