WCC Global Ecumenical Institute (GETI)

The College Principal, Rev. Professor Dr. Upolu Luma Vaai, is a speaker and facilitator at the WCC Global Ecumenical Institute (GETI) held during the assembly in Karlsruhe, Germany, gathering 150 students from all over the world for 6 weeks to learn and discuss different ecumenical tracks from Eco-Diakonia, to Healing Memories, Body Politics, Interreligious Dialogue, etc. In his speech he challenged the paticipants against a spirituality that is disconnected and compartmentalized, that is only heaven-bound at the expense of the cry of Earth, that is split into colonial categories and framing, that does not see and feel the cry of the poor and the struggles of ordinary people, and a theological curriculum that is only confession-based which often times ignore the social and ecological injustices of our time.