Trauma Workshop

An initiative led by Vice Principal Professor Derrick Armstrong and his wife; Professor Ann Cheryl Armstrong (University of Auckland) led to the Pacific Theological College hosting a Talanoa Workshop on “Dealing with Trauma in the Classroom – Pedagogical Approaches & Cultural Contexts” on Tuesday 8th November in the chapel at the college.

College Principal, Rev. Professor Dr. Upolu Luma Vaai, welcomed participants to the workshop which was co-led by the two Professors Armstrong, alongside Associate Professor Mark Vicars and Associate Marcelle Cacciattolo, from Victoria University in Australia.

The workshop explored school-based pedagogical practices and approaches to trauma using a range of different frameworks, theories and models. It also considered philosophies of connection to culture, connection to mind and body, and connection to wellbeing and spirituality alongside how different cultural perspectives and indigenous knowledge can help foster trauma informed inclusive practices in schools, drawing in particular upon Australian and Fijian educational and community-based settings.

Following on from this initial workshop, which was well-received by a very mixed group of people from different backgrounds it is proposed that a Trauma-Informed Practitioner Conference will be held next September and a 2-day professional development activity on Trauma Informed Practitioner Spiritual Standpoints will also take place.

Prior to sharing lunch together, the attendees heard Peter Sipeli from ARTalk Fiji share some reflective prose.

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