Toloa Mentor’s

Associate Professor Dr Frances Koya-Vaka’uta is a Toloa Mentor – leading participants on Pasifika Research Methodologies and Ethics and researching for a new development consciousness. The Pasifika Philosophies Course starts July 15.

A renowned academic of Pasifika, Professor Manulani Aluli-Meyer works in the field of indigenous epistemology and its role in world-awakening. An indigenous of Hawaii, Professor Aluli-Meyer has published and lectured widely in the field of native knowledge systems and their linkages with an awakening planet. She is also a Toloa Mentor, and will facilitate the learning of 35 students participating in the Pasifika Philosophies Course starting July 15

She is a leading Fijian academic, the first indigenous Fijian woman to be appointed a Professor at a University. Her frontier research in the field of indigenous ways of being is cutting edge. Professor Unaisi Nabobo-Baba is the Acting Vice Chancellor of the Fiji National University. She is a Toloa mentor!

An expert in the field of social justice issues research, Mr. Aisake Casimira from Rotuma Island in Fiji has worked extensively with communities across Fiji and the Pacific addressing them. As the Director of the Institute for Mission and Research he leads a programme stimulating conversations and engagement with communities across Fiji to ‘look back on the ancient Pacific philosophical ways,’ as an intervention for a flawed capital development model that is focused on the most profit to the detriment of people’s wellbeing.

Dr Eci Naisele grew up on Qoma Island in Fiji, a descendent of a resilient people. They’ve persevered even through the tides of climate change that threatens their home island, keeping their faith in God and the wisdom of their ancestors, about thriving on an island besieged by the sea on any side. But the ocean is never the enemy nor a commodity. It’s an extension of their identity. Their ancestral philosophies, passed from one generation to the next, guides the way they protect the Vanua. They live as custodians of the land and ocean – respecting kinships and operating by codes of living that promotes identity of people and place. Dr Naisele is a Toloa Mentor.