The Pacific Theological College promotes strict adherence to safety protocols to control COVID19.

The College prepared several plans to counter the spread of the virus.

The plans restrict physical engagements with the public, promote sanitary habits and controls movements in and out of campus.

The College;s COVID19 Safety Plan prescribes a two meters social distancing rule. Everyone must wear masks in the offices and signs to wash hands and santise are everywhere. Sanitisers are also placed in offices and at strategic locations throughout.

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Security personnel from Pioneer Security Services screen all persons moving into the campus.

They take people’s temperatures and only allow authorised persons in.

Visits from members of the public are not allowed.

Principal Rev. Professor Dr Upolu Vaai said these measures ensures the safety of the community and the public at large.

He has also reiterated through emailed reminders to the College community that visits to shopping centres by members of the community must reduce to once a week.

Non-residential staff are also working from home.

‘As I said before, this year could be worse because we seem to take things for granted based on last year’s satisfactory outcome,’ said Rev. Professor Dr Vaai.

‘But this year is different. The impact could be colossal.’ ‘So please stay home. Only necessary public visits are allowed,’ he added.

Face to face classes are also suspended in line with a directive by the Fiji Higher Education Commission. All classes at PTC now take place through ZOOM and the Moodle e-learning platform.

Rev. Professor Dr Vaai said the College learnt valuable lessons from the first COVID19 outbreak in 2020. These it used to adapt its systems and learning environment.

There are 36 recorded cases of COVID19 in Fiji. These stem from the infection of a soldier serving at a quarantine facility in Nadi.

Lautoka and Nadi cities in the Western part of the country locked down for two weeks – this is the second week.

The capital, Suva city area is now divided into three main containment zones . Police man checkpoints at the zone borders.

Movement between zones is not allowed except for compelling reasons like medical emergencies.

These containment measures are for 14 days. But this timeline can change change depending on the control of the spread of COVID19.