Senior Professor Ernst Marais Conradie

Our heartiest welcome to Senior Professor Ernst Marais Conradie from the University of Western Cape in South Africa. Professor Conradie is being hosted at the Pacific Theological College while he carries out work in the Pacific. Professor Conradie is giving a lecture on the topic, ‘In God We Trust? Understanding God’s Care in the Context of Christian Eco-Theology,’ at the PTC Islander Missionaries Memorial Chapel.

In a time of transition, from Holocene (last 10,000 years of planet Earth) to Anthropocene (new geological age of human influence on planet), how do we define God’s providence or how does God care for people and creation? A time of anthropocene is after all for the Pacific marked by the worst storms, unprecedented levels of flood waters, a time of tumultuous climate change. Professor Ernst Marais Conradie from the University of Western Cape, South Africa touched on this and invited students and faculty of the Pacific Theological College to contribute ideas and help with thinking about God’s care. Professor Conradie’s Lecture is part of the 12-year-old ‘An Earthed Initiative’ – ecumenical global conversations on eco-theology. Professor Conradie delivered his lecture at the Islander Missionaries Memorial Chapel at PTC.