Raduva’s PTCEE Testimony

I enrolled at the Pacific Theological College Extension Education with high hopes after I took a sabbatical leave from my undergraduate studies at Bond University in Australia many years ago. I had wanted to do the Bachelor of Divinity Program. The outgoing PTCEE director then, Rev Dr Val Ogden gave me a thorough orientation and explained that if I wanted a strong background knowledge of the Bible and the growth and development of the Christian movement, I should begin at the Certificate Level. I was not prepared for Rev Dr Val’s honesty and spiritual guidance. To be honest, I was offended – I thought to myself certificate level is for those who have never read the Bible or those who have no idea about Christianity or Jesus Christ.

Today, I thank God for listening to her and enrolling to study at the Certificate program because it opened my eyes to see beyond the understanding I had of God and Christianity. The nine units I completed in the Certificate program gave me a broader sense of the will of God for humanity. In one of the units, the History of the Church, I learnt to see history through the hand of God working through both believers and unbelievers to fulfil His will in spreading the Gospel to develop the Body of Christ.
In the nine units in the Certificate Program, I was in awe of the omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent of God. God indeed works in unique ways, and He uses people of all walks of life; the educated and uneducated, the rich and poor; He even uses people who are not considered as anything in society; whether believer or unbeliever, to do His will.
Brothers and sisters who are planning to study at PTCEE, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the courses provided. The Certificate Program sounds ordinary, but it is packed with knowledge and wisdom that explores both the secular and spiritual worlds and reveals that in both worlds; God is in control for He is the Creator of all things.
My adventure has not ended but has just begun, the first hill has been conquered; and in a couple of weeks, my faith journey will continue as I explore into the Diploma Program. I am excited to learn and see more of God as I go through the courses and reading His Word.
God spoke through the Prophet Jeremiah to the nation of Israel and said: “if you seek me with all your heart, you will find me”. Jesus Christ, in His Sermon on the Mount, said: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled”.
Just a thought; in these times of uncertainty and fear, could it be an excellent time to exercise our faith in God and seek Him? If your heart desires Him, He will open the door, and He will provide the resources. A heart that captures the attention of God is a heart that needs Him.
Many have contributed tremendously to my journey as a PTCEE student. I thank God for this journey and the guidance Rev Dr Val provided in my early days as a student and who mentors me from England via emails and messages. My late father, who has always been my source of spiritual guidance. I am also indebted to my wife and three daughters for their continuous support, love and prayers. And, not forgetting the PTCEE team; the Director Sailosi Batiratu, Programme Administrator Nisha Raj and the Information Technology expert Nitesh Raj for their hard work and efficient efforts to assisting in my course choices and assignments. And I look forward to working with them again in the coming weeks as my faith adventure with God continues.