PTC Faculty Retreat

The Pacific Theological College faculty completed a three-day retreat in Suva on a high note, anticipating the start of the 2023 College year. The new academic year begins with a PTC community church service this Sunday at the Islander Missionaries Memorial Chapel. The retreat theme “reStorying Theological Education for ‘Whole of Life’ development” challenged the faculty regarding transforming theological education from the accolades of the colonial masters. The key question is: What does theological education look like in the midst of development? Eight presentations focused on the different areas of how theological education can critically address the destructive development narrative destroying Pasifika lands, oceans, and peoples. The college Principal, the Rev Professor Upolu Luma Vaai, challenged the faculty to a new theological and self-determination spirit that must aim to assist the churches and the region to forge a new development consciousness that is holistic and life-affirming. “It must be about the ‘whole of life’ if it needs to answer to Jesus’ vision of justice.” The retreat was closed with a faculty fellowship and dinner.