PTC Crafting a Quality Curriculum for Pasifika Communities University

The Curriculum and Accreditation workshop currently underway at the Pacific Theological College is focused on ensuring the curriculum being currently developed for the Pasifika Communities University (PCU) that PTC is transitioning into meets quality assurance standards. The workshop is facilitated by the team from the Institute for Mission and Research and the Co-Chair of the Curriculum Working Group Rev. Dr Bruce Yeates. The curriculum areas include indigenous science, Pasifika philosophies, education, resilience studies, sustainable studies, theology as in relationships with everyone and everything, culture and identity, and ecumenism. The curriculum is then grouped into three schools namely the School of Theology and Ecumenism, the School of Pasifika Philosophies Education and Sciences, and the School of Ecology and Sustainable Development. The workshop gathers course writers some of who are external experts and members of the PTC faculty. Rev. Dr Yeates said while the workshop is for preparing course writers for the work of course writing it is also one for creating an understanding of what is involved in the curriculum development process. This includes looking at graduate outcomes, program outcomes, understanding modes of delivery, and so forth. Rev. Dr. Yeates says the course writers must understand that the learning environment has changed. Lecturers are now identified as facilitators of learning. “A whole new culture of learning has to be part of the mode of delivery that we are looking at,’ Rev. Dr. Yeates said.