PTC Council Meeting

Church leaders attending the full council meeting of the Pacific Theological College that began today remembered the lives and legacy of their colleagues who recently passed, the late Pastor Allen Nafuki of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu and Archbishop Fereimi Cama of the Anglican Diocese of Polynesia. Meeting virtually for the first time ever, since the school was established in 1965, the meeting paused for a moment of silence and prayer. Vice chairperson of the Council Rev. Dr. Epineri Vakadewavosa from the Methodist Church of Fiji prayed: ‘We remember Nafuki and brother Cama and the service they have done for their local churches in the Pacific and beyond. We will treasure the good memories of their friendships. We remember them today as they are there with you in your presence Almighty God. We treasure the examples they leave behind as we continue to journey. May we continue their examples.’ The PTC Council meet is a key activity that leads up to the graduation of students. On the list of discussions today included the approval of the graduates list, the financial report and budget of the College amongst others. The Council consists of the 20 churches that own PTC from Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia. The meeting finishes tomorrow.