Principal Hosts Toloa

The methodology of the Pasifika philosophies course is based on the saying, “the Toloa takes off but returns to the waters.” This is a dictum that captures the toloa (goose) as a metaphor for a migratory quest of those seeking fresh waters to renew their political, economic, religious, familial, or knowledge endeavors. While the Toloa will normally fly away to encounter life, there is always a craving to return to the initial waters for recuperation. In the metaphor, the Toloa represent the participants. The waters represent the different areas and focus of the course that will be explored and investigated. The methodology for the two weeks course is developed around the Toloa migratory cycle of return, search, dive, renew, and fly. This never-ending cycle represents the constant desire of the Toloa to probe, inquire, transition, and rejuvenate. They are critical analytical phases that are normally intertwined. They are also exploratory and reclaiming phases for Pasifika philosophies and their relevance to developing a new development consciousness. After the 35 Toloa participants have been probing the waters of human, ecology, land, vanua, knowledge, wisdom, and the different strands of Pasifika philosophies, they are ready to travel today to live with 4 village communities for three days to learn from them, they have been engaged with many talanoa and conversation between them. They have also been enjoying themselves with each other with building relationships, which is at the heart of Pasifika philosophies. Last evening, the College Principal and his wife and family hosted them at their residence with food and music. We wish them all the best.