Pacific Journal of Theology

The 58th issue of the Pacific Journal of Theology (PJT) was issued in June, 2020 as part of the 55thAnniversary Celebrations of the College. 

The College is producing two issues of the PJT as part of this celebrations. 

The recently released issue hosting eight chapters is a much larger volume than the 2019 issue.

Leading the coordinated effort by PTC faculty, alumni and the ecumenical community of the College, Dr Gladson Jathanna, PTC’s Senior Lecturer in Church History said the articles by different authors focussed on the PTC vision ‘Towards Excellence in Theological Education for Leadership for Justice.’

‘This journal consists of articles that focus mainly on the contextual significance of theological education in the Pacific,’ said Dr Jathanna.

‘Each and every article is strongly rooted in Pacific epistemology.’

‘This will be a resourceful contribution for our research students in the Pacific – not just PTC but across the Pacific – theological students and researchers in and around the Pacific.’ 

Contributing authors include Archibishop Emeritus Winston Halapua’s keynote address at the launch of the PTC 55th Anniversary celebrations, members of the PTC Faculty, students and alumni.

The chapters of the book include the following;

  • Editorial: The 55th Anniversary of the Pacific Theological College by Upolu Luma Vaai
  • Talanoa of Justice: Keynote Address on the Occasion of the Inauguration of the 55th Anniversary of PTC by Archbishop Emeritus the Rt Rev. Dr. Winston Halapua
  • The Dance of the Frigates: Reframing the Ecumenical History of the Pacific Theological College from the Perspective of the Pacific Household by Aisake Casimira
  • Relational Theologising: Why Pacific Islanders Think and Theologise Differently by Upolu Luma Vaai
  • Veikau (Forest/Wild) Theological Pedagogy for Transformative Encounter in Fiji by Taniela Baleinakorodawa
  • ‘Kill the Boys….let the girls live’: Murder, Midian and Mosaic Leadership in Numbers 31 by Kathryn Imray
  • Si’i le Tu?’oi: Shifting Perspectives on Exodus 1:8-2:10 through a Samoan/ Pasifika Reading by Faafetai Aiava
  • Resistance, Resilience and Radical Justice: Reimagining Theological Research in the Pacific by Gladson Jathanna
  • At Home in the Pacific Five Millenia and Counting: Decolonising Pacific Institutions of Higher Learning and Research Methodologies and the Role of Research Institutions like the Pacific Theological College by Unaisi Nabobo-Baba

Book Reviews include the following:

  • In Pursuit of a Pacific Island Biblical Hermeneutics – A Review of Elusions of Control: : Biblical Law on the Words of Women (2003) by Jione Havea – reviewed by Fatilua Fatilua
  • Work in the Spirit Toward a Theology of Work (2001) by Miroslaf Volf reviewed by Ioelu Onesemo

About 100 copies of the PJT was printed and circulated widely within the PTC Community and students free of cost. 

Hard copies are also available at a cost with the South Pacific Association of Theological Schools.

There are also plans afoot to also make it accessible online.

The 59th issue is expected for release in November.