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Application for Faculty Appointment - History of Christianity

Personal Details

Qualification and Experience Curriculum Vitae

Please upload a curriculum vitae and kindly make sure that all the requested information is included. See required information below:
  1. Formal education: starting/ending dates, name of istitution, location, major area of study, degree obtained.
  2. Work history: starting/ending dates, employer, location, position held.
  3. Details of supervision of theses in different levels
  4. Volunteer service to church and/or community: starting/ending dates, church or agency, location, time involved, type of work.
  5. Church affiliation.
  6. Areas of teaching / ministry / administration competence.
  7. Publications and areas of reseach interest.
  8. Language competence: a)speaking,  b)reading,  c)writing.
  9. Experience with students for whom English is a second language.
  10. Date of birth;
  11. Details of your immediate family.
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Please supply a medical statement indicating your general health, obtained from a registered medical practitioner within the last three months.

Mission and Vision of PTC

In light of the nature and specific mission and vision of the college, kindly respond to the following.
Describe your faith. Comment on the way it has led you to seek the position in an institution dedicated to theological education in a colonial and post-colonial context.
Describe what Ecumenism means to you. What is your understanding of the possibilities and problems of an ecumenical and multicultural living/learning situation such as PTC?
If you are appointed to this position at PTC, how do you see yourself carrying out theological vocation? What would be your priorities and contributions?

Reference Information

Please give names and details of 3 referees below: