Tie Dyeing

Not wanting to waste anything, the women training on ‘Carving and Printing’ at the Pacific Theological College’s Women’s programme, save the paint gathered from washing paint rollers to tie dye.

This effort in saving is consistent with the Earth Justice Advocacy (EJA) principles the College is embodying as part of the new journey it is making as the leading regional ecumenical theological institution.

Living in harmony with nature is characteristic of good stewardship that the Holy Bible encourages all Christians to emulate.

Director Women’s Programme Sosefo Tigarea said while the women save the pain and tie dye, creating new curtains for the Women’s Center, they share tips from their various countries on how tie dye is done.

‘It’s a time of camaraderie and sharing and learning from the Pacific,’ said Mrs Tigarea.

‘The tie dye and printing course runs for eight weeks and is open to all women, even outside PTC,’ she added.

The EJA activities of PTC is managed by a committee made up of representatives from the PTC faculty, the student body, support staff and youth.

EJA is a brainchild of the College Principal Rev. Dr. Upolu Luma Vaai.

Its specific aims include;

  • Educate and create awareness within PTC of the importance of care for the earth
  • To empower future leaders trained at PTC to create a healthy, just, and sustainable Pacific
  • To foster an environment to help change the mindsets of the PTC community to critically address the unprecedented scale and urgency of environmental destruction and the climate crisis
  • To balance the theories we learn in PTC classrooms with praxis and for the latter to inform the former
  • To initiate real practical approaches/programmes towards caring and saving the earth such as promoting a paperless culture, reducing plastic usage, promoting tree planting and regular clean up activities.