PTC Review Inspection

The Fiji Higher Education Commission (FHEC) inspected the facilities and discussed with students and staff of the Pacific Theological College on June 4.

One of the functions of the FHEC is to register higher education institutions, including recognition, monitoring, evaluation, mandated review and the quality assurance of internal systems.

Members of the FHEC Review Committee interview PTC Librarian Nalini Premadish at the George Knight Library

Members of its Recognition and Registration Committee visited the College to carry out inspections as part of PTC’s application for re-registration made in 2018.

PTC Registrar Selai Tuidrokadroka said registration is applied every five years.

‘The inspection is the final bit of the re-registration process. They will now sit and make their decision,’ said Ms. Tuidrokadroka.

‘They looked at the classrooms, the library, dormitories, and the compounds including Etina Havea Centre,’ she said.

‘They talk to people, looked at how we operated, the aims of the College, its programmes and so forth and also examined the premises compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Standards.’

Review Committee member Leba Halofaki takes pictures of the craft work using plastics made by students of the Women’s Programme of PTC

Members of the FHEC Review Committee that visited the College included Mr. Manik Chand, Mrs. Leba Halofaki and Mrs. Susana Tuisawau.