Ireland Calls on PTC

Future collaborative partnerships possibly on the issue of the environment, international students studying at the Pacific Theological College amongst others featured in conversation when Rev. Sam McGuffin visited PTC on May 2.

Rev. Sam McGuffin is now the President of the Methodist Church of Ireland but was the President delegate during this visit.

He was accompanied by the Representative of the Methodist Church in Britain Dr. Julia Edwards.

Reverend Sam McGuffin with the College Academic Dean and Associate Professor in Church Ministry Dr Gwayaweng Kiki.

Rev McGuffin visited various islands as well while in Fiji including Bau and Viwa islands that both played significant roles in history linked to Methodism.

Visiting the stronghold collection of the PTC George Knight Library.
With a copy of ‘The Navigating Troubled Waters, a publication of the Institute of Mission and Research of PTC

He also met with the Fiji Council of Churches and the Methodist Church of Fiji.

His visits were aimed at forming Partnerships in Mission and Development before he assumed his new role as the President of the Ireland Methodist Church in June.