A Gift, A Care

Concerned about the lack of furniture to cater for school events, the Vaai family decided to invest about FJD 7,000 in meeting this need for the Pacific Theological College.

The furniture in the form of 12 sturdy, round tables and 100 chairs were dedicated to the Lord on Monday, July 1.

‘I experienced from the last six years I was here, the Fale ishired out to the public and is constantly used by our community, but we don’t have these facilities,’ said PTC Principal Rev. Dr. Upolu Va’ai.

‘I used to see the poor student’s struggle to gather all the chairs and tables from around the community to furnish our events and activities such as graduation and feasts,’ he added.

The Vaai family gifted PTC, FJD 7100 on the occasion of the induction of Rev. Dr. Va’ai as Principal on February 8 this year for the development of the College.

‘For 5 months we allowed ourselves the space to think about what would be a good gift for the College that is useful to everyone,’ said Rev. Dr. Va’ai.

The chairs and tables were each purchased for $50 and $175 respectively.

There are plans as well to furnish the Jovili Meo Mission Centre similarly.