His face was shattered. Pieces of his cracked skull pierced his brain. Dead to the world, and the cold that gripped that New Zealand, March morning in 2010, Lorima Malo’s vitals measured just three (3), the lowest level on Glasgow Coma Scale, indicative of a person who is either dead or in a deep coma. 

The six months that followed for this Fijian man were some of the most depressing times of his life.

He didn’t want to go on. Paralyzed, partially blind, severe memory loss so he couldn’t remember basic words and with only the skin of his head covering his brain, it’s no wonder why.

‘I didn’t want to be immobile for the rest of my life, it seemed like a death sentence,’ he said.

Until that day that one friend visited him at the Ashburton hospital and told him to focus on Christ, the God of the possible. Mr. Malo surrendered and asked the Lord to restore to him every physical ability he had lost, and he would worship Him for the rest of his life.

Everything came back, the walk, the talk, and the memories.  

Nine years on, Mr Malo has rebuilt his life. He is PTC’s Information Technology technician who happily goes about his work and unashamedly sharing his testimony of God’s love.

He also works with youth’s around Suva – as a motivational speaker.

‘God brought me to PTC. After I graduated from the Fiji National University I applied pretty much everywhere but no luck until PTC,’ he said.

‘I’m here to serve the Lord and if working with Theology students, or a theological institution is part of that calling, I happily do it.’

‘I’ve finally learnt to put God first. It wasn’t always the case. I grew up a Christian, went to church but had no real relationship with God.’

‘I won a scholarship to study Air Craft engineering in New Zealand. I was drinking heavily. I forgot my God.’

‘I will be forever thankful for the miracle I was given, another chance at life and to make things right.’

The doctors did put his skull back together again, held together by titanic plates. He is still blind in one eye.

‘They remind everyday of God’s love, I can’t change the past, I can only build my future with God!’

Mr Malo and his Manager Saimoni Tuilaucala make up the IT Department of PTC, managing its webmail services, software and hardware maintenance and the safeguarding of all its digital assets.

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