Man on a Mission

The new Pacific Regional Secretary for the Council of World Mission is a man on a mission.

He wants to see churches break free of conservative Christianity and get more involved in the lives of its members.

Reverend Nikotemo Sopepa was appointed as the Regional Secretary for CWM in March. He is an ordained Minister of the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu and formerly held the position of moderator of the Presbyterian Church.

Reverend Nikotemo Sopepa

He is also a part time PhD student of the Pacific Theological College.

‘My dream is to see the churches rise from a stereotypical conservative Pacific Christianity that has been brought in by the missionaries but to be more involved in issues that affect the community, whether its political or any issues that undermine Pacific life,’ said Reverend Sopepa.

‘The churches must play a vital role as it should be in helping its people, its communities and the whole region.’

‘Churches can rise and say that we are here, we have our ways of doing things, even our own way of Christianity, where we can imitate the life of Christ in the way we do things.’

The fact that the CWM office is based at PTC as it has been for the past several years strengthens collaborations between the two organizations.

At a celebratory morning tea held in honor of Reverend Sopepa’s appointment, PTC Principal Rev. Dr. Upolu Luma Vaai said the appointment of a PTC student or alumni is a proud testimony for PTC and the quality of theological education it offers.

Rev. Dr. Vaai was optimistic of more opportunities of collaborations with CWM.

Reverend Sopepa garlanded by PTC’s Susana Bainivalu with PTC Principal Rev. Dr. Upolu Luma Vaai on the right.
PTC Community at the tea prepared in Reverend Sopepa’s honor.

The CWM is a worldwide partnership of 32 Christian churches that are committed to sharing their resources of money, people, skills and insights.

It was created in 1977 and incorporates the London Missionary Society, the Commonwealth Missionary Society and the Presbyterian Board of Missions.