Health on a Platter

Expect a serve of local forest ferns called ota or sea grapes as part of your dining when you lodge at the Jovili Meo Mission Centre.

The focus of the centre as a facility providing holistic care and hospitality is not just about offering a snug bed and clean towels but to ensure that all guests are given healthy meals.

The centre chef who is renowned for the delicious local dishes she whips up is Seru.

‘Saturday mornings I’m out early to the market to get the freshest vegetables and the traditional ingredients,’ she said.

The preferred method of cooking is natural, less oils, more earth bakes and steaming. Plastic use has been heavily reduced. Root crops are served on banana leaves instead.

The changes help promote the message that PTC is overall advocating, that Earth Justice everyone’s responsibility and Non Communicable Diseases, the biggest killer in the Pacific Islands region and the cause of 80% of deaths in Fiji, can be addressed.

PTC Principal Rev. Dr. Upolu Luma Vaai launched the Earth Justice Advocacy Programme in February this year. An EJA committee was setup soon after. The distinct role of the committee will be to map out activities that the PTC community can engage in to put into practice and bring about to fruition Earth Justice.

The JMMC team is led by Arieta Tirikula, the Manager and the strategy of clean, healthy eating, no plastics living is a great move in that direction.

JMMC is always on high demand, accommodating the national sports teams like the Olympic gold medal winning Rugby Sevens team. It also caters for all kinds of Conferences with participants the world over.

With these caliber of guests and diversity, the JMMC simple message of clean, healthy eating and living is sure to go far.

More information on JMMC here