A Time of Enlightenment for Raduva

Life is the most important and most comprehensive phenomenon in human nature. And it is also the most misunderstood in human existence. We see fauna not engaged in planning and effort of their provision for existence yet they are provided for, we also notice that at both ends of the spectrum of human life; the beggar lives off discarded crumbs of the rich and well to do who lavish in extravagant life style yet both exit physical life to their grave with only the clothes on their backs.

In human existence, we see the segregation of the nations of the world through; first world, second world and the third world and in the third world, we notice further division into developing world and the under developed world and tailed states. But all these nations are nations of the same planet earth. Our team planet, irrespective of the divisions therein, is currently tracing environmental catastrophes like; climate change, bush fires of huge proportions, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and frequent heat-waves. All these life threatening events know no world or geo-political division as they attack all nations on our planet.

The Psalmist and the Prophets had taken a step back under these events and asked two questions under the same breath – What is life? What is the source or giver of life? PTCEE has pointed me on the way of the direction by its courses that are offered. These courses encompass; true life, true light, my environment, my customs, my culture, my traditions, intrinsic values and my supposed, purposeful vision and mission for my positive contribution through my short stint of human existence.

When I became conscious of my surroundings and my life, my parents were my life and life giver. My language was audible only to my parents; because they were more cries to the unwary – but to my parents, they were a language of dependency. As I master contemporary universal language, my nous paved my perception that I should be independent but the fundamental fault in being independent is my relationship with my neighbor suffers. When I am exposed to true life’s language, I realize my posture in true life’s language; I realize my posture in true life is one of interdependence.

PTCEE is firm on the nations that the language of true life is LOVE. And that light of that language is a person called JESUS CHRIST or the word of that language. The enlightenment through PTCEE encompasses; my environment, my traditions, my customs, my culture, my values all point directly to my GOD given purpose.  PTCEE bares true life to me. This true life is not just a physical existence without real meaning, not even religion, but to live in the language of love and to have an intimate relationship with the word of love – Jesus Christ my LORD and my GOD.

Through the enlightenment of PTCEE, my life is ordered for simplicity and purpose. Evaluating what really matters – love, grace and compassion – my life’s joy and peace, even under difficulties and hardships. I do not have to worry about that which is happening around me because I am at rest in the WORD of life. I am at peace knowing that my family is living in GOD’S purpose and will.