New Faculty Unit

A modern, new faculty unit to accommodate the growing expansion of the teaching team at the Pacific Theological College got off to a foundation breakthrough on September 10 with the first shovel of soil turned out of the ground.

The building works are led by Suren and the carpentry team of PTC.

Located behind the Jovili Meo Mission Centre, the new unit estimated to cost about FJD 200,000 and planned to finish before December, 2019 will boast top notch facilities on two levels.

There are four units in total, two each on the bottom and top with two bedrooms and a study per unit.

PTC Principal Rev. Dr. Upolu Luma Va’ai says this is part of the new PTC journey: to improve facilities and provide better accommodation both for staff and students.

Renovation works on student’s flats are also planned with a more contemporary interior design.

Bulu Flat has been renovated to accommodate to cater for volunteers from mission partners.

A special feature of the faculty unit project is the involvement of PTC youth who are unemployed to build their skills and capacity in such work.

This effort is supported by the Institute for Mission and Research based at PTC that is providing monetary allowance for the youths.

PTC Principal Rev. Dr. Upolu Va’ai said while assisting the youths, PTC is also building it’s pool of skilled construction workers.

‘My vision is for PTC maintenance team to build our own infrastructure, instead of depending on contractors,’ Rev. Dr. Va’ai said.