Starting with the academic year 2012, the Bachelor of Divinity programme, which is our oldest academic programme, taught since the inception of PTC in 1965, will become more flexible and accessible.

We have amalgamated the old BD and BTh programmes to form a single undergraduate degree programme which is available

  • in residence,
  • per distance (managed by PTCEE), or
  • by a combination of both.

Continuing students have been or will be contacted in order to facilitate the transition arrangements.

New students will either enter the BD degree programme, or the BD (Honours) programme. Only the BD (Honours) programme will allow students to apply for a Masters programme. When taken full-time, the BD can be completed in 2 and a half years, and the BD (Honours) in three years. Only the BD programme is available per distance, though: in order to complete the BD (Honours) component, a student needs to take the remaining courses for the BD (Honours) at PTC itself.

See the Bachelor of Divinity programme page for more details.