Vision; Mission Statement; Doctrinal Basis; Purposes and Objectives

Source: The Constitution of the Pacific Theological College, 2017


The Pacific Churches have a strong ecumenically and theologically educated leadership empowered to meet the challenges facing the Pacific peoples with the insights specific to the peoples of the Pacific, and working together in mission and ecumenical cooperation.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the College is to provide for the Churches of the Pacific region integrated tertiary education for leaders and laity that is academic, missiological, socially contextual, and that respects and celebrates the ecumenical and cultural diversity, and that is informed by Pacific insights and understandings in an ever-changing environment.

Doctrinal Basis

The doctrinal basis on which the Churches co-operate in this College is the faith of the Church catholic as it is expressed in the Bible and the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. We believe that the Holy Spirit continues to interpret this faith in the life and witness of the participating Churches.

Purposes and Objectives

The purpose and objectives of the College are as follows:

  1. To be a means of making evident and strengthening obedience to Christ’s vision of ecumenism and unity.
  2. To share with the world, the distinctive insights which God has given the Pacific peoples.
  3. To make evident to the world the missiological task that is the foundation of the College’s life and work.
  4. To continue building the ecumenical community that God has mandated.
  5. To address and to honour the diversity of culture and spiritual traditions.
  6. To assist in providing for the Pacific Churches’ leaders, ministers and laity ecumenical, and inclusive training for ministry that integrates academic theology, sociology, and missiology, and that is relevant for ministry in the diverse contexts of the Pacific.
  7. To provide research that is relevant for the contexts of the Pacific.
  8. To work towards achieving the Vision of the College while ensuring the integrity of the life and work of the College in all its programmes.