Kanana Fou Theological College Graduation

On Saturday 1st July in American Samoa, the Principal of the College, Revd. Prof. Dr Upolu Luma Vaai, delivered the Keynote Address as the chief guest to more than 20 graduates who graduated from the Kanana Fou Theological College in American Samoa. The graduation was attended by the leaders and members of the Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa (CCCAS), the family members of the graduates, and leaders of the American Samoa government. Speaking on the theme “Aua nei galo ona toe foi i le ta’inafi” (Do not forget to return to the ordinariness of the hearth), he challenged the graduates of the importance of remembering the ordinariness of the people we are ministering to. Rooted in the post-resurrection meal on the beach in John 21:9-10, he reminded the graduates that “sometimes we easily lose sight of the ordinariness of the gospel, that Jesus after resurrection returned to cook fish on fire and share what he had with his disciples, an ordinary action by any ordinary person at the time, as we normally put too much emphasis on the resurrection as a miracle and supernational event. Jesus never neglected the ordinary after resurrection. Returning to the hearth (ta’inafi) reaffirms the presence of the resurrected Christ in the ordinary. And solidarity of God with ordinary people and with ordinary things. Remember our ministry is supposed to happen in the ordinariness of life. When we are the privileged members of a community, we easily lose sight of the ordinary people.” He also had the opportunity to meet up with the PTC alumni as well as the Governor of American Samoa to discuss regional issues such that affect regional stability. He thanked the leadership and members of the CCCAS for the great hospitality and its strong unwavering support throughout the years for the only regional ecumenical institution of the Pacific churches, the Pacific Theological College.