Itulagi: A Pacific Network for the Young

The Itulagi Learning and Exchange Youth Network coordinated by the Institute for Mission and Research of PTC is now formed.
It is a network of young Pacific Islanders rising to fight regional injustices of poverty, violence and a broken ecology.
Principal PTC Rev. Professor Dr Upolu Vaai challenged the network to promote life.
He said wholeness of life and wellbeing is a multi-dimensional and multi-strand consciousness.
It includes every dimension of life and sustainable Pacific ways of knowing and being or Itulagi.
The Itulagi Network begins with ten youths from various academic and cultural backgrounds.
Unaisi Qesanalagi who is a law graduate said joining the network is exciting because she will be working with a community of young people to do things that matter.
‘This gives me a sense of purpose and reminds me that I am part of something bigger,’ she said.
Saimoni Bolaqece said the Itulagi will empower young people to know they have the power to change the Pacific story and make it positive.
One area of intervention will be in encouraging young people to engage in their cultures.
‘Technology and social media impact us,’ said Saimoni Bolaqece.
‘We live modern as young Pacific Islanders and more concerned about money rather than our environment,’ he said.
‘We need to reconnect with our Pacific cultures and spiritualities.’
The network operates against a dismal backdrop of overwhelming regional statistics.
High rates domestic violence and rising non-communicable diseases. Climate change and ecological destruction.
Itulagi Network coordinator Tevita Roqica said the network is a rich space for young people to collaborate.
‘We have a list of activities that we will implement throughout the year,’ said Mr Roqica.