Institute for Indigenous Fijian studies

‘Language is the eyes and windows of our soul telling who we are, where we come from and is a door that connects us to our neighbours’ – were the congratulatory remarks made by the Director for the Institute for Mission and Research (IMR) of PTC Aisake Casimira while applauding the Institute for Indigenous Fijian studies. The Fijian Institute recently launched 10 books sharing stories depicting culture aspects and itaukei values such as veivosoti (forgiveness), vakarorogo (obedience/respect), solesolevaki (working together) to name some. The seven retired Itaukei language teachers who authored the books, some in their 70’s attended the ceremony while others have passed on. They are the living treasures gifting future generations with the wise voices of the ages about how to live, identify and value oneself as iTaukei. But this identity, eroded by external influences and internal fractures, can be documented and protected through such story books. The Fijian Institute called on indigenous Fijians to start writing stories in their language and worldviews and not just to leave to foreigner to write. PTC as part of its additional learning advocates and whole of life vision to learning advocates for the protection of indigenous Pacific languages that are repositories of crucial knowledge, wisdom and values critical to the Pacific Islanders identity and wellbeing.