Houmbouy Wakhejima desired to learn English

With Greek and Hebrew in the bag, Houmbouy Wakhejima desired to learn English. She believes the three languages will enable her to become a biblist. A biblist is a bible scholar. So the personnel exchange programme sponsoring students from New Caledonia – Kanaky, West Papua and Maohi Nui to study English in Fiji was an answered prayer. The Institute for Mission and Research coordinates the Personnel Exchange Programme. This year, it received only students from Kanaky, and Houmbouy began learning English with her peers.
‘I enjoy learning English and find I am learning fast because of the learning environment, and our teacher is simply superb with her teaching approach incorporating both theory and praxis,” she said.
The English students are continuously exposed to English speakers at PTC and while on various learning excursions.
“This helps us to speak English,” she said.
“Even the security guards here at PTC help us with English words, and the PTC community helps by correcting us,” he said.
Houmbouy, 35, hails from Ouvea Island – traditional name IaaI, from the tribe Hnyimaha in Kanaky.
The former school chaplain and member of the Eglise Protestant de Kanaky said learning English opens doors for further studies at the Pacific Theological College.