First Holy Communion Service

The Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum Henry Puna challenged and called for reconnections to nature. He was responding to a sermon by Reverend Professor Upolu Vaai titled ‘Placental Spirituality’ on the occasion of the first Holy Communion Service for the academic year 2023 at the Islanders Missionaries Memories Chapel. PIFS SG Mr Puna commended the sermon as the correct saying if people reconnected to mother earth, they would experience its many blessings. “There are so many benefits we can enjoy if we connect with nature,” Mr Puna said.
“What a blessing it is to join you in worship!”
“I grew up in a Christian home thank you for reconnecting me with our Lord this morning,” he added.
“This is the first sermon that I have really, really enjoyed,” he said.
“I was the Prime Minister of Cook Islands for ten years and introduced policies during that time like advocating renewable energy!”
Pacific Conference of Churches General Secretary Reverend James Bhagwan led the Holy Communion ritual.
The worship service was also attended by PTC partner Misereor from Germany and the team from PCC, students, and the PTC community including staff.